Cabinet Refinisher Required At Bucharest in Romania

December 29, 2023
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Job Description

About the Job:

Step into an enriching role as a Cabinet Refinisher in Bucharest, Romania, where your craftsmanship and dedication to restoring and beautifying cabinetry will be pivotal. We’re seeking a skilled and meticulous individual to join our team and ensure the impeccable restoration of cabinets and furniture pieces.

Role Overview:

As a Cabinet Refinisher, you’ll be at the forefront of refurbishing cabinets, utilizing your expertise to restore their aesthetic appeal. Your role involves meticulous refinishing, repair, and restoration of various types of cabinetry and furniture in Bucharest.

Key Responsibilities:

Cabinet Refinishing:

Meticulously refinish and repair cabinets and furniture pieces to restore their original appeal.

Utilize appropriate techniques, stains, paints, and finishes to achieve desired results.

Inspect, sand, and prepare surfaces for refinishing according to quality standards.

Customer Interaction:

Interact with clients to understand their preferences and communicate project timelines effectively.

Provide insights and recommendations regarding finishes and restoration processes.

Safety and Quality Assurance:

Adhere to safety protocols and best practices when handling materials and tools.

Ensure the quality and durability of refinishing work meets established standards.

Project Documentation:

Maintain detailed records of projects, including materials used, techniques applied, and project timelines.

Provide accurate estimates and assessments for clients’ projects.

Skills & Experience:

Proven experience in cabinet refinishing or woodworking with a keen eye for detail.

Expertise in using various tools, stains, paints, and finishes in the refinishing process.

Strong communication skills to liaise effectively with clients and team members.

Ability to work independently while adhering to project timelines and quality standards.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Prior experience in cabinet refinishing or woodworking is highly advantageous.

Proficiency in surface preparation, staining, painting, and finishing techniques is essential.

Flexibility to adapt to different project requirements and timelines.

Attention to detail and a commitment to delivering high-quality workmanship.


This job description offers an overview of the role and can be customized to suit specific requirements in Bucharest, Romania. The salary offered will align with industry standards and the location within the city.