Electrician Required At Bucharest in Romania

December 29, 2023
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Job Description

About the Job:
Join a dynamic role as an Electrician in Bucharest, Romania, where your expertise in electrical systems and commitment to safety will be vital. We’re seeking a skilled and proactive individual to contribute to maintaining efficient electrical operations within our projects.

Role Overview:
As an Electrician, you’ll play a crucial role in ensuring electrical systems’ functionality, safety, and efficiency in various projects across Bucharest.

Key Responsibilities:

Electrical Operations:

  • Install, maintain, and repair electrical systems in compliance with local regulations.
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot electrical issues efficiently.
  • Ensure safe and proper functioning of electrical fixtures and systems.

Safety Measures:

  • Adhere strictly to safety protocols and regulations in all electrical work.
  • Conduct regular safety inspections and participate in safety meetings.


  • Perform routine maintenance on electrical systems and equipment.
  • Keep work areas clean and organized.

Team Collaboration:

  • Collaborate effectively with team members to optimize workflow.
  • Communicate any operational challenges or improvements to supervisors.

Skills & Experience:


  • Prior experience as an Electrician is preferred.
  • Familiarity with electrical system installation and maintenance is advantageous.
  • Ability to handle various electrical tools and equipment.

Safety Awareness:

  • Strong understanding of safety procedures in electrical work.
  • Ability to follow instructions and adhere to safety guidelines rigorously.


  • Ability to troubleshoot electrical issues effectively.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Work Flexibility:

  • Ability to work flexible hours based on project needs.
  • Willingness to work in different environments and locations across Bucharest.

Team Player:

  • Strong teamwork and communication skills.
  • Willingness to collaborate within a diverse team.