Parking Lot Attendant Required at Bucharest in Romania

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Job Description

About the Job:

Join an engaging role as a Parking Lot Attendant in Bucharest, Romania, where your dedication to managing parking facilities will ensure a smooth and organized experience for patrons. We’re seeking an attentive individual to maintain efficient parking operations.

Role Overview:

As a Parking Lot Attendant, your primary responsibility will be to manage and oversee parking facilities in and around Bucharest.

Key Responsibilities:

Parking Operations:

  • Manage the flow of vehicles entering and exiting parking areas.
  • Ensure orderly parking and guide patrons to available spaces.

Customer Service:

  • Provide courteous assistance to patrons and address parking-related inquiries.
  • Foster a welcoming and helpful environment for visitors.

Security and Safety:

  • Monitor parking areas for security and report any safety concerns.
  • Ensure compliance with parking rules and regulations.

Cash Handling:

  • Collect parking fees accurately and issue receipts.
  • Maintain organized records of transactions.


  • Perform basic maintenance tasks in parking areas as needed.
  • Report any maintenance requirements promptly.


  • Coordinate with parking management for efficient operation.
  • Communicate effectively with patrons regarding parking guidelines.

Skills & Experience:

  • Prior experience as a Parking Lot Attendant is advantageous.
  • Strong attention to detail and customer service skills.
  • Ability to handle cash transactions accurately.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Familiarity with parking management systems is beneficial.


This job description offers an overview of the role, adaptable to specific needs in Bucharest, Romania. The expected salary will align with industry standards and the location within the city.