Pipefitter Required at Tetovo in North Macedonia

January 30, 2024
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Job Description

About the Job:

A Well-respected organization in Tetovo, North Macedonia seeks brilliant Pipefitter. Embark on a satisfying profession as a Pipefitter in Tetovo, North Macedonia, in which your information in pipefitting and set up could be invaluable. We’re searching for a committed man or woman to sign up for our crew and make certain powerful coping with of pipefitting operations throughout numerous projects.


Role Overview:

As a Pipefitter, your number one obligation could be to install, maintain, and restore piping structures. You’ll play a critical position in making sure the right functioning of pipelines and associated equipment.


Key Responsibilities:


Installation: Fit and gather pipes, valves, and fittings primarily based totally on mission requirements.

Maintenance: Conduct ordinary inspections and preservation of piping structures.

Repairs: Identify and execute maintenance on pipes and associated additives as needed.

Safety Protocols: Adhere strictly to protection strategies and pointers all through operations.

Collaboration: Work intently with fellow pipefitters to make certain coordinated tasks.

Quality Assurance: Ensure right set up and capability of piping structures.

Material Handling: Manage and take care of substances required for pipefitting tasks.

Documentation: Maintain correct statistics of installations, maintenance, and inspections.

Problem-Solving: Troubleshoot problems associated with piping structures and suggest solutions.

Continuous Learning: Stay up to date with improvements in pipefitting strategies.

Skills & Experience:


Previous revel in as a Pipefitter or in a associated position is preferred.

Proficiency in pipefitting strategies and set up strategies.

Physical health and the cappotential to paintings in numerous environments.

Excellent teamwork and verbal exchange skills.

Qualifications and Requirements:


Certification in pipefitting or applicable technical schooling is advantageous.

Familiarity with pipefitting equipment and protocols is beneficial.


This process description outlines the position tailor-made for Tetovo, North Macedonia. The income will align with enterprise requirements and the location withinside the city.