Scaffolder Required at Mitrovica in Kosovo

January 30, 2024
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Job Description

About the Job:

Embark on an invigorating profession as a Scaffolder in Mitrovica, Kosovo, wherein your talent in erecting scaffolding systems could be pivotal. We’re in search of a committed character to enroll in our group and make certain green coping with of scaffolding operations throughout diverse projects.


Role Overview:

As a Scaffolder, your number one obligation could be to assemble secure and strong scaffolding systems. You’ll play a critical position in making sure place of job protection and helping diverse production projects.


Key Responsibilities:


Structure Erection: Assemble and set up scaffolding systems as according to task requirements.

Safety Compliance: Ensure strict adherence to protection protocols and suggestions at some stage in operations.

Quality Assurance: Maintain excessive requirements of scaffolding production for balance and reliability.

Team Collaboration: Work intently with fellow Scaffolders to make certain green and secure production.

Equipment Maintenance: Ensure right renovation and readiness of scaffolding equipment and device.

Project Support: Assist in offering scaffolding answers and guide for various production needs.

Height Safety: Implement measures for secure operating at heights and steady scaffolding setups.

Documentation: Maintain facts of erected systems, protection inspections, and device status.

Continuous Learning: Stay up to date with scaffolding strategies and protection advancements.

Problem-solving: Address problems or issues associated with scaffolding setups effectively.

Skills & Experience:


Previous revel in as a Scaffolder or in a associated production position is preferred.

Proficiency in erecting and dismantling scaffolding systems.

Strong bodily health and the capacity to paintings at heights.

Excellent teamwork and verbal exchange skills.

Qualifications and Requirements:


Certification or schooling in scaffolding production is advantageous.

Familiarity with scaffolding device and protection protocols is beneficial.


This process description outlines the position tailor-made for Mitrovica, Kosovo, especially for Scaffolders. The profits will align with enterprise requirements and the placement withinside the region.