Traffic Technician Required at Istok in Kosovo

January 30, 2024
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Job Description

About the Job:

A Well-respected organization in Istok, Kosovo seeks brilliant Traffic Technician. Embark on a dynamic profession as a Traffic Technician in Istok, Kosovo, wherein your understanding in visitors control and protection may be pivotal. We’re looking for a committed character to make certain green dealing with of visitors-associated operations throughout numerous situations.


Role Overview:

As a Traffic Technician, your number one duty will contain coping with and optimizing visitors waft, making sure protection, and assisting visitors-associated activities. You’ll play a vital position in retaining public protection and facilitating easy visitors operations.


Key Responsibilities:


Traffic Management: Maintain order and optimize visitors waft in diverse scenarios.

Safety Measures: Implement and oversee protection protocols to save you injuries and make certain public protection.

Response and Assistance: Promptly reply to visitors incidents and offer help as needed.

Equipment Maintenance: Ensure the readiness and right functioning of visitors control system.

Compliance: Adhere strictly to visitors rules and hints throughout operations.

Collaboration: Work carefully with visitors employees for coordinated responses and green visitors manipulate.

Community Engagement: Engage with the public, offer guidance, and teach on visitors protection measures.

Training Support: Participate in schooling classes to decorate visitors control abilties.

Documentation: Maintain correct data of incidents, moves taken, and system status.

Continuous Learning: Stay up to date with visitors control strategies and advancements.

Skills & Experience:


Previous enjoy in visitors control or a applicable position is advantageous.

Proficiency in visitors manipulate strategies and protection procedures.

Strong organizational abilties and the capacity to paintings in dynamic environments.

Excellent teamwork and verbal exchange abilities.

Qualifications and Requirements:


Certification in visitors control or applicable schooling is beneficial.

Familiarity with visitors control system and protocols is advantageous.


This activity description outlines the position tailor-made for Istok, Kosovo. The revenue will align with enterprise requirements and the placement withinside the city.